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Healthy and Unhealthy Friendships

Friendships, like other relationships in our lives, can grow and change all the time. We can often feel incredible pressure to have a BFF or to be part of the popular crowd, but we will all choose our own paths to friendships that make us feel good. Some of us have had certain friends all our lives but maybe we don’t feel as close to that person anymore and need a change. That’s ok.
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Social Media: Comparing Our Insides to Other People's Outsides

Comparing ourselves to our friends or to people we see on social media can sometimes make us feel badly. We worry that everyone else is prettier, thinner, or smarter than we are. We believe that they are better athletes, more popular and have happier families than we do. We feel like everyone else is having more fun, has fewer zits and is getting better grades than us. Here’s something really important to remember: We can’t compare our insides to other people’s outsides
What are the things we can say to a friend if they have upset us?

What are the things we can say to a friend if they have upset us?

It can be really hard to confront a friend who has caused upset, hurt feelings or exclusion. It’s common to worry that talking to a friend about this will make them mad. The idea of a friend being angry is scary, but it’s really important to talk it out when things are feeling crummy. There are a few reasons for that: