Healthy and Unhealthy Friendships

Friendships, like other relationships in our lives, can grow and change all the time. We can often feel incredible pressure to have a BFF or to be part of the popular crowd, but we will all choose our own paths to friendships that make us feel good. Some of us have had certain friends all our lives but maybe we don’t feel as close to that person anymore and need a change. That’s ok. Sometimes someone calls us their BFF but they don’t feel like our BFF. That’s ok. Sometimes we need a break from someone we think is our BFF. That’s ok. Sometimes we have a big group of popular friends but we still feel lonely when we’re with them. That’s ok. The way we feel about our friends won’t stay the same all the time, but there one really important thing to remember: our friendships should make us feel loved, cared for and supported. If they don’t, it might be time to think about saying something or making a change.

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