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Every OOMBRA® is made from super soft cotton and is reversible, so you always get 2 in 1. Our patented design hugs without binding. Our cotton jersey fabrics never trap smells or irritate skin like synthetics used in athletic wear. And OOMBRAs never have any hardware – no clips, clasps, strap adjusters, or wires. OOMBRAs fit a wide variety of body shapes, from flat chests up to bra sizes 34D and 36B. 

Straight straps White + Heather Grey

Crossed straps White + Heather Grey

Straight straps Black + Heather Grey

Crossed straps Black + Heather Grey

Straight straps Black + White

Crossed straps Black + White

Straight straps Eyes + Blush

Crossed straps Eyes + Blush

Straight straps Eyes + Tan

Crossed straps Eyes + Tan

Straight straps Eyes + Bronze

Crossed straps Eyes + Bronze

Straight straps Eyes + Deep brown

Crossed straps Eyes + Deep brown

Straight straps Mariposas + Blush

Crossed straps Mariposas + Blush

Straight straps Mariposas + Tan

Crossed straps Mariposas + Tan

Straight straps Mariposas + Bronze

Crossed straps Mariposas + Bronze

Straight straps Mariposas + Deep brown

Crossed straps Mariposas + Deep brown

RBG Supreme *limited edition*

Straight straps Sky + Blush

Crossed straps Sky + Blush

Straight straps Sky + Tan