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Typical bra sizing is super confusing, and that goes double for younger girls who are looking for a soft top and barely have any boobs to begin with. We’ve simplified the situation by sizing using a single measurement.

TO MEASURE YOURSELF FOR AN OOMBRA, all you need to do is take a soft tape measure and wrap it around the biggest part of your chest - usually this is the nipple line, which means the part of your chest including your nipples. Make sure the measure is wrapped straight around you, without dipping far down your back or riding high up towards your neck. If you like tighter-fitting garments, pull the tape measure so that it is snug; if you like everything loose, measure with the tape a little loose as well. Your measurement is the number of inches in circumference.

Each OOMBRA size covers a 2" span. If you are right on the cusp between sizes - let’s say you measure 30" exactly - then choose to go with the bigger or smaller size based upon whether you like your garments to fit looser or tighter on top.

ONE BIG SIDE NOTE ABOUT OUR SIZING: if your boobs are bigger than a B cup in traditional bra sizing, then the difference between your chest circumference and your ribcage circumference is greater than 2". We have designed our bigger sized OOBRAs to accommodate for bigger boobs, but some girls have much smaller ribcage measurements than chest measurements. If this describes you and if you are right in between sizes, we recommend sizing down so that the elastic along the bottom fits nicely at your ribcage.
You can convert your bra size to an OOMBRA size without measuring. Here's how: 1. Find your bra size (number + letter) in one of the squares below. 2. Look at the color of each square. 3. Now look at the OOMBRA color key just below the chart to find your OOMBRA size. It's as easy as that!

size measure
Because OOMBRAs are reversible, they don't have a tag or a stamp to remind you of your size. But we've got you covered! Our sizing system is color-coded, so just look at the OOMLA logo color on your bra or, if the logo is black, look for a color stitch below the logo on one side of the bra. Here's our color key:

Purple = 24-28

Blue = 28-30

Green = 30-32

Yellow = 32-34

Orange = 34-36

Red = 36-38
Yes. So long as you chest circumference (the length around your ribcage and boobs) measures between 24 - 38", you can wear an OOMBRA. If you measure bigger than our current OOMBRA sizes, we’re growing quickly and hope to have your size soon. The best way for us to get there is to hear from you the size you need, so please share with us at
The two outer layers of the OOMBRA are jersey material made from 46% cotton, 45% modal and 9% spandex. The middle panel is made of polyester.
Absolutely! We recommend hand washing your OOMBRA in warm water and then laying it flat to dry, but you can also just throw it in the washing machine and tumble dry low.
If your OOMBRA smells a little funky, throw it in the wash! But there may be many times when you wear your OOMBRA for a bit and then put it away without washing. Unlike underpants, bras and top-support garments do not always need to be washed after each wear.
Our super soft fabrics have natural cotton fibers that take dyes differently depending upon the color. Sometimes, darker or deeper color prints will feel tighter when they are put on, even though they will be super soft to the touch. It's weird, we know! But if you're on the fence between two sizes and you are choosing an OOMBRA with a darker or richer color scheme, we definitely recommend sizing up.


To find the OOMSHORTS size that's right for you...

1. Decide where you're going to wear your OOMSHORTS: Do you prefer your shorts up on the waist or low on the hips?
2. Then measure that spot on your body using a soft tape measure* wrapped around.
3. Now check out our sizing chart to match your OOMSHORTS size with the measurement.

size measure

OR do it the simple way and just base your size off of everything else you wear! Our chart should make it easy peasy.

*Don't have a tape measure? Use anything with zero stretch - a phone charging cord works great! - wrap it around your body at the spot where the elastic band of the shorts will sit (waist or hips, you choose), then mark the spot where the two ends meet and lay it on a flat surface to measure the length against a ruler.
Our sizing system is color-coded. So just look at the OOMLA logo color on your OOMSHORTS and then match the logo color with our color key:

Purple = size 1

Blue = size 2

Green = size 3

Orange = size 4

Red = size 5
Yep! So long as you waist or hip circumference - depending upon where you want to wear them - measures between 21 - 40", you can wear OOMSHORTS. We fit down to a kid's XS and up to a men's XL.
OOMSHORTS are made from super soft jersey material which is 46% cotton, 45% modal and 9% spandex. The elastic waistband is, well, elastic!
Absolutely! We recommend either hand washing your OOMSHORTS in warm water and then laying it flat to dry OR tossing them in the washing machine and tumbling dry low.
If your OOMSHORTS smell a little funky, throw them in the wash! But there may be many times when you wear your OOMSHORTS for a bit and then put them away without washing. Unlike underpants, loose-fitting shorts don't always need to be washed after each wear.


We are happy to accept unworn and unwashed OOMBRAs within 14 days of receipt. We accept late returns on a case-by-case basis, and these may be subject to a 20% restocking fee. If you've got a question about this, please email us!
To exchange or return an OOMBRA, begin by going to our ONLINE RETURN CENTER. Once you have completed the steps (they're very quick!), mail the OOMBRAs you are looking to exchange or return to:

3421 Verdugo Road, #7
Los Angeles, CA 90065

Remember, items must be unworn and unwashed.
We do! OOMBRAs may be returned for a refund within two weeks of receipt. Exchanges and returns must be in new condition, unworn and unwashed. Customers pay for the return shipping.
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