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Padding, Revolutionized

The OOMBRA is a totally new kind of bra. Buttery soft fabric (pure comfort!) gently holds boobs and conceals nipples - a patented design that means no clips, clasps, wires, or awkward, bulky padding needed. And did we mention it's reversible?! Because the OOMBRA was was created by the doctor behind the beloved puberty book series The Care and Keeping of You, it fits a range of bodies, from just-starting-to-develop to fully-grown-but-still-shifting-and-changing.

The OOMBRA might be your first bra… it will definitely be your favorite bra.


OOMLA values

Our mantra is simple: We should all have each others' backs (and fronts)

🌟 Honoring health → we make products and content for changing bodies no matter their order of magnitude (that's the OOM in OOMLA!) because whether you’re just starting puberty or been-there-done-that, knowledge is power and comfort is key.

🚫 Anti fast-fashion → our products are made to last, made from kind-to-your-skin materials and manufactured in our hometown (L.A…. the LA in OOMLA) in workspaces prioritizing the health of employees.

👀 We do not exist for the male gaze! → OOMLA doesn’t show front-facing product photos of tweens and teens on our website, but we encourage you to shoot content in whatever way makes you feel most confident.

🌈 Committed to inclusion → any person with a chest circumference of 24 - 38” can wear an OOMBRA… and just like you, we’re growing so more sizes soon!

🌎 We produce locally + think globally → we believe in kindness to our bodies, each other, and our earth, which is why we give back wherever and whenever we can, from mask 1:1s to a collaboration with African non-profit mothers2mothers.

Ridiculously Comfy...

The OOMBRA is unlike anything you've ever worn... so comfortable you will literally forget you have it on!

* Buttery soft cotton jersey on the outside
* Ultra-gentle compression (thanks to a layer of modal in the middle) hides nipples
* Different bodies call for different fits, which is why we have 2 strap styles
* Bye bye binding! This bra is breathable