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Bra, reimagined

The OOMBRA fits a range of bodies, from just-starting-to-develop to fully grown but still shifting and changing. It’s got no clips or clasps or wires – only super soft fabric and patented technology to gently hold boobs. It’s the first bra ever designed specifically for body transformation, because it’s the only a bra created by the doctor behind the beloved puberty book series The Care and Keeping of You. Welcome to the OOMBRA. It might be your first bra… it will definitely be your favorite bra.


Safe + Soft

Comfy and healthy should always go together. That’s why OOMLA = safe + soft.

* Buttery soft cotton jersey on the outside
* Ultra-gentle compression thanks to modal in the middle
* 2 strap styles offer different fits for different bodies
* Bye bye binding! This bra is breathable

OOMLA is committed to community and inclusion.

We make products that honor the health of your body, no matter your order of magnitude, 'cause that's the OOM in OOMLA. And we produce all OOMLA products in our hometown of Los Angeles (yep, the LA), in workspaces that prioritize the health of their employees. We're all in this together, which is why we give an OOMASK for every OOMASK we sell, making sure to protect the folks who cannot afford to buy masks or don't have access to decent ones. In the end, our mantra is simple: We all have each others' backs (and fronts).