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    Our mission is to make the process of growing up more comfortable (literally).

    We had planned to launch with our OOMBRA, the softest, coziest bra ever, with a perfect fit from the moment boobs appear until they are fully grown. But life can change in crazy, unpredictable ways. So when coronavirus swept the planet, stalling our bra production, we aimed higher: above the neck, straight to the nose and mouth. Introducing the OOMASK. The first of many OOMLA products designed to feel unbelievably good while being good for you.

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(from a distance)

Who would have thought the must-have item of 2020 would be a mask? But here we are. And so is the OOMASK. Made of super soft material with a built-in filter, it's comfy, breatheable and washable, too. Developed by a pediatrician, the OOMASK is designed to keep you safe while protecting the folks around you.

And speaking of other people, for every OOMASK you buy, an OOMASK will be donated to a kid who needs one.

Safe + soft.


When you buy an OOMASK, you give an OOMASK!