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THE PUBERTY PORTAL:  I'm still somewhat figuring out who I can trust

Helping a Friend With Something Major... Might Mean Getting Your Own Help From a Trusted Adult

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Sometimes it’s uncomfortable talking to friends directly about our concerns. Other times their problems feel really big… so big that you might need an adult to help you figure out what to do or say. Is it betrayal to talk to someone else about the situation? Here are some ways to lean on trusted adults in order to get advice but not betray your friend’s trust. You can say:

  • I have a friend I’m worried about. She seems depressed to me, but I’m not sure how to begin a conversation. Can you give me some advice for how to bring it up with her?

  • A friend of mine is in a relationship that makes me feel worried. Who can I talk to about figuring out if she’s safe?

  • My friend doesn’t seem to be taking good care of her body -- she’s not eating enough and is exercising all the time. What can I say to her to check in?

  • A friend seems to be having a hard time at home. How do I talk to her about it without making her feel uncomfortable?

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