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OOMLA Kindness 101

OOMLA Kindness 101

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  • Being kind never goes out of style. Even if people around us are treating others badly, we can stay true to ourselves.

  • Be a kind person without letting other people walk all over you. Being kind does not mean being a doormat.

  • Unkindness on social media is the same thing as being unkind in person. Just because you’re not face to face doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

  • Someone else’s unkindness says more about them than about you. Try not to internalize it.

  • You can be a kind person and still care about how you look. Wanting to look your best (however we define “best”) doesn’t make you a superficial or bad person.

  • Recognizing other people’s kindness can be a very powerful way to spread kindness in our world. Not only should we be kind but we can also thank others for being kind.

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