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My First Time… Getting an IUD

My First Time… Getting an IUD

    What is birth control? Well, as one would...
How Can I Discreetly Carry Tampons or Pads?

How Can I Discreetly Carry Tampons or Pads?

If you want to be really discreet and avoid carrying anything noticeable, you can slip a pad or a tampon into a pocket... keep reading to see more tips...
How to Put in a Menstrual Cup

How to Put in a Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup is a reusable period product that catches the uterine lining as it is being shed, but before it leaves the body. Here’s how to put one in:
What Are The Parts of the Female Reproductive System?

What Are The Parts of the Female Reproductive System?

The female reproductive system is a collection of organs inside the body that make it possible to have a baby. These include:
opened pad and tampons on a wooden dish on bathroom counter

Period Products: What Are the Options and Where to Start?

There are so many period products to choose from, the options may feel overwhelming. Here’s a snapshot of just some of the period products you can find on your local drug store shelf.
opened period pad with white flowers laying on it, on a tan background

How to Put On and Take Off a Pad

Follow these steps to ensure that your pad is properly placed:
tampons and white flowers on tan background

How to Put In and Remove a Tampon

For starters, if the idea of reading this answer freaks you out, you aren’t ready for tampons yet! If you are ready, follow these steps (which are conveniently listed in the pamphlet inserted into every single box of tampons you will ever buy - just in case you need a reminder):
period pads in a row, some with more red beads on it than others

What’s up With My Period: The Reason(s) Your Period Is Irregular

In many cultures, a girl’s first period is seen as a right of passage. Here’s another rite of passage that’s much less talked about: irregular period timing.
girl holding calendar in front of her face, with red hearts on 5 days of one week to imply her period cycle

Not So Sneak Attack: Tracking Your Period

Nobody likes a sneak attack from their period, even if they’ve had it for years. 

plastic doll legs with snow covered crotch, signaling vaginal discharge, on pastel pink background

Taking Charge of Discharge

Ever wonder why your underpants feel a little damp and then, when you look, there’s a mark that looks just a little too much like the mucus from a runny nose?