How Can I Discreetly Carry Tampons or Pads?

At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter if anyone sees you holding a pad or tampon. Remember, there are probably other people menstruating at the exact same time as you! Getting your period and using products is not shameful, but if it makes you feel better to be more discreet, then these tips are for you:
Most people keep spare pads or tampons in their backpack or purse. It helps to have a separate bag just with products to take to the bathroom. If you want to be really discreet and avoid carrying anything noticeable, you can slip a pad or a tampon into a pocket, up your sleeve, in the leg of your boot, sock, or in your pant legs at the ankle. Or, you can even stick it in your OOMbra!
If the sound of opening a pad in public makes you nervous, another tip is to pre-open it in the comfort of your own home and then just refold it before taking it with you! That way when you have to use it, you don't need to hear as much of that sticky removal sound. Some people even flush the toilet at the same time as opening a pad to conceal one sound with the other. 

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