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Taking Charge of Discharge

Ever wonder why your underpants feel a little damp and then, when you look, there’s a mark that looks just a little too much like the mucus from a runny nose? That’s vaginal discharge. It’s 100% normal, oftentimes annoying, and happens so regularly, we promise you’ll get used to it.

Discharge is the liquid that the vagina uses to clean itself. It’s made by glands inside your vagina and cervix, designed to wash away old cells and debris that doesn’t need to be in there. That’s why, if you see a clear or even whitish splotch in your underwear, it’s just a sign that your vagina is doing its job. And it also explains why, when you take a bath or a shower, you don’t need to use any special vaginal cleansers - just lather a small amount of perfume-free soap and rinse with water. 

While clear, mucousy discharge is totally normal, if your discharge ever looks super dark yellow, green, or thick and white, this may be a sign of an infection and a clue you should go see your doctor. 

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