Healthy Phone Habits

We know, we know. Every person over the age of 35 is busy telling us to get off our phones! They say that we spend too much time on our phones, that we’re rotting our brains, and that our phones make us dumber. These folks don’t seem to realize that phones help many people feel connected to friends, families, and the world. Devices can be outlets for creativity and senses of humor. But in fairness to the old fogies, there are healthy and less healthy ways to use our phones.

Here are some tips for enjoying phones without letting them impact emotional or physical health:

  • Charge phones outside of the bedroom overnight… or at the very least, keep them out of arm’s reach so you’re not tempted to be up late or waking to check them during the night.
  • Get off your devices at least an hour (two is even better!) before bedtime to help your brain settle down for sleep.
  • Try not to use devices on your beds - beds are for sleeping.
  • Check your screen time use week to week, taking note of whether it has gone up dramatically - if it has, think about why that might be.
  • Keep our passwords private - tell friends you love them, but you’re not giving them your passwords!

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