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Hair Care

Hair Care

Hair washing routines depend entirely upon your hair type. Read more for some tips to help you figure out the best routine for you!

How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

The answer all depends upon what type of hair you have. Here's some guidance for navigating your hair washing routine! 

closeup of a woman shaving her legs

Shaving Simplified: How to Shave Your Legs

It’s totally normal to see hair grow and thicken on your body during puberty, and choosing to remove that hair is a personal choice. If you do want to shave your legs, here are a few helpful steps!

Girl in robe blow drying her hair, with her hair covering her face

Why You Have Hair Everywhere

We’ve got hair all over our bodies - some is more noticeable, but if you look closely, there are very few spots with absolutely none. Read here to learn more!

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