Flipping puberty positive

Who we are + why we're here

Puberty happens to 100% of all humans. It's a physically and emotionally transformative stage packed with smells and eye rolls, messiness and discomfort - and it's almost always considered cringey. But that story deserves a complete rewrite, because most of what happens during puberty is actually thrilling and incredibly cool... and even if it doesn't feel that way in the moment, it's happening, so it might be nice if the whole situation had a better rap. That's why we’re on a mission to flip it positive.

By the way, puberty now lasts nearly a decade. The path through takes longer than ever, with an average starting age somewhere between 8-10, and it stretches through high school. The latest bloomers don't finish until they're in their 20s. Body shifts, mood swings, crops of zits, and relationship rollercoasters are all connected to the hormonal shifts that turn a kid into an adult.

OOMLA solves the pain points of puberty... and beyond. We started by upending the stale training bra market with a super soft, legitimately cute bra without bulky padding or sports bra suffocation. People loved it so much, we kept aging and sizing up. Next came breathable shorts for all genders (because all genders go through puberty!) . In case you didn't know, the body wants air down, so we created the anti-underpant. And then, for the trifecta, we developed socks that don't smell. A complete freaking miracle that you can only believe when you sniff. But good information is just as important as product, so we built the only online searchable puberty portal, with content written by and for tweens and teens. And for the adults a podcast packed with science, guidance, and a huge dose of humor to help them understand the new puberty. We've got books, a newsletter, and social channels galore. It's a universe dedicated to making puberty comfy. 

Tons more puberty content at Order of Magnitude

We know what we're talking about
, because Cara is a pediatrician-turned-writer, the doctor behind the culty and beloved series The Care and Keeping of You. And Vanessa is the founder of Dynamo Girl, part sports empowerment, part puberty education. So much of what makes puberty uncomfortable - for everyone involved - is the lack of reliable, relatable resources out there. For the endless stream of questions popping up... for the physically uncomfortable shifts that happen to almost everyone... we've got you covered.

There's youth voice in everything we do... literally 

While this company was built by adults who work in youth health and wellness, we are fueled by the teens and 20-somethings eager to shower wisdom upon those just a few years behind them. They author every article in the PUBERTY PORTAL and they lend voice to some of our podcast episodes. These young adults just out the backend of puberty keep us grounded about the realities of life, they teach us their lingo, foreshadow trends on the horizon, and thoroughly crack us up. 

We give back

We opened for business in the early days of the COVID pandemic not with bras or puberty-focused content, but with a super soft, filtered face covering designed to keep people safe. Then we partnered with organizations around the country for a 1:1 give away, donating thousands of OOMASKs through organizations like Eat. Learn. Play., Covenant HouseNo Kid HungryThis Is About Humanity, and Supplies Save Lives.

While our headquarters are in the US, health and wellness needs stretch to every corner of the globe. So in 2021, we created the She’s Got The Power OOMBRA in collaboration with African nonprofit mothers2mothers, funding and celebrating female health workers who break health care barriers  by educating and empowering tweens and teens.

We care about our world... and the people in it

We're as local as possible! We design and distribute everything we make from Los Angeles, CA, and manufacture much of it there as well. All of our partners share our commitment to sustainability and worker safety: 

  • LA-based Swrve develops, samples, and produces products in small runs, obsessed with how garments and the health and wellbeing of their employees. 
  • Our primary fabric supplier, Texollini, takes an environmentally-responsible approach to manufacturing and company culture - choosing sustainable fibers and yarn suppliers, optimizing the manufacturing processes, with full transparency.
  • Topwin is a full service garment manufacturer located in the South Bay of Los Angeles, specializing in knits. 
  • Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, The S Group is a vertically integrated innovation, design, development and manufacturing company that creates and services premium apparel brands, working with OOMLA to source kind and green manufacturing facilities.