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Two moms and their daughters walked into a bra

Sometime in the early 20-teens...

Julie, the mom of a then fourth grader with budding boobs, called Cara, a similarly situated mom who also happened to be a pediatrician and writer of books about puberty. Julie and Cara didn’t really know one another. The conversation went something like this:

Julie: Where do you buy your daughter bras?

Cara: I don’t… because they’re categorically terrible! None of them work well or feel good or look anywhere close to cute.

Julie: Well first of all, your daughter needs a bra. (Long pause…) And second of all, my mom – who sewed all of the clothes I ever wore as a child, down to my underpants – has made one. Can I bring it by your house so that you can check it out? 

A few days later Julie, her daughter, and the bra showed up on Cara's front doorstep. At the end of an hour, the two tweens decided they had to be best friends because there were two of them but only one bra. Every other bra they had tried was too pulling, pushing, padded, itchy, wired, scratchy, or so flimsy it didn’t do a thing. And all of the bras out there used broken sizing systems like judge-y S/M/L or confusing number/letter combos that make zero sense for kids with barely anything there yet. But the girls wanted a bra they could wear regularly - their morphing chests were super sensitive to tops in a way they had never been before. Not to mention that the area had become so surprisingly tender that if an errant backpack or elbow made contact, ouch!

As the girls (and their boobs) grew and grew, Cara and Julie kept iterating and sizing up. By the time they launched OOMLA, the game changing OOMBRA fit perfectly whether breasts were just starting to bud or they’d grown all the way up to bra sizes 34D or 36B. Because the OOMBRA is made from buttery cotton that feels like second skin, it’s ridiculously soft and so comfortable you forget you’re wearing anything at all. Between the outer layers sits a middle panel to give gentle compression without any tight binding or bulky, awkward pads... an innovation designed to support boobs and hide nipples considered so novel that it received a patent. 

We invented a bra that felt like hugs for your boobs - sweatpants for your chest - and everyone who tried it on fell in love.

The quest didn't end with bras.

Cara happens to be a pediatrician and puberty expert who literally wrote the books about body changes and growing up healthfully, like The Care and Keeping of You  and Guy Stuff. It turns out, there's very little online information about puberty with all of its accompanying transformations written specifically for tweens and teens - there's way more for the parents raising them. That felt wrong for so many reasons, so Julie and Cara decided to fix it. First they built The PUBERTY PORTAL, a searchable reservoir of articles about physical, social, and emotional transformation, meant for readers in the midst of all of this change. And then came The PUBERTY PODCAST, a weekly show for adults to get a better sense of what puberty is like for the kids they are raising through it. 

Along the way, our most valuable resource has been youth voice. What started with two daughters has grown to include a band of teens and 20-somethings informing OOMLA every step of the way. These OOMbassadors write articles, create art, and share raw opinions. They tell us what kids need to know and they keep it real. 

Together, we make puberty comfy