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Flipping puberty positive

It happens to 100% of all humans - the transformation from child to adult that we call puberty - so why is it also universally cringey? The word alone, P U B E R T Y, triggers gut flips, eye rolls, and intense flashbacks even decades later. Yes, this stage of life can be smelly or messy or uncomfortable, but we don’t think that’s the whole story. In fact, so much of what happens during puberty - a physical and emotional transformation spanning nearly an entire decade - is thrilling and incredibly cool. This stage of life just needs a little help rebranding. That’s where we come in: we’re on a mission to flip puberty positive.

Flashback to 2014. Cara, a pediatrician, had just launched the updated Care and Keeping of You book with American Girl. She had written a second book in the series (creatively titled The Care and Keeping of You 2) and was traveling around the country speaking to parents and kids about puberty. Her then 10-year old daughter was not exactly thrilled by this career pivot, especially when Cara made a guest appearance in her fourth grade class to teach “Growth Education.” That’s when Cara got a call from Julie, a classmate’s mom and PR guru, asking about bras for their budding daughters. They bonded over the sad state of the tween-bra market when Julie announced that her mom had sewed something softer, comfier, better. Will you take a look?

Meanwhile, in New York, Vanessa was launching Dynamo Girl, an after-school sports empowerment program for 6-10 year old girls, when pretty quickly she noticed something surprising: many of the girls were in puberty. So she broadened the mission of her work and added puberty workshops to her offerings. They became wildly popular… and not just because Vanessa was unafraid to wear pink underpants over her jeans. Vanessa’s message resonated because she used humor and joy to teach people about puberty.

OOMLA launched in 2020, combining our backgrounds, talents, and answers to all of the questions we fielded over the years. Everything we do aims to make puberty comfy.

  • Our products - like our super soft OOMBRAs and soon-to-arrive gender neutral low-crotch sleep shorts and stink-free socks - feel good and work wonders for all bodies, through puberty and beyond.
  • The PUBERTY PORTAL provides the only online searchable puberty content written by and for tweens and teens.
  • The PUBERTY PODCAST provides science-based information and guidance sprinkled with humor and honesty for adults looking to feel more confident supporting the kids in their lives. 

So much of what makes puberty uncomfortable - for kids and the adults in their lives, too - is that for the endless stream of questions popping up, trusted answers are ridiculously hard to find. That’s what we’re here for.