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What to Say to a Friend Who Has Upset You When There’s Drama

What to Say to a Friend Who Has Upset You When There’s Drama

It can be really hard to confront a friend who has caused upset, hurt feelings or exclusion. It’s common to worry that talking to a friend about this will make them mad. The idea of a friend being angry is scary, but it’s really important to talk it out when things are feeling crummy. There are a few reasons for that:

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What Is Sadness?

Most people describe sadness as feeling empty. We have all lived it - it’s so common, in fact, that it can be hard to describe in words. But the let down that is often paired with a punch-in-the-gut sensation or tears (or both) is universally human.
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What Is Depression?

With depression, feelings of lingering sadness or emptiness are compounded by physical symptoms. This can go in a downward direction - like low energy, low appetite, or low motivation - or depression can manifest as doing more of something, too, like over-spending or over-eating.