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My First Time… Breaking Up with Someone: Things to Know

My First Time… Breaking Up with Someone: Things to Know

Breakups hit everyone differently. And it’s the unfortunate truth that all relationships are different. There are always underlying contexts or reasons for a break up that perhaps neither you nor I...

What to Say to a Friend Who Has Upset You When There’s Drama

What to Say to a Friend Who Has Upset You When There’s Drama

It can be really hard to confront a friend who has caused upset, hurt feelings or exclusion. It’s common to worry that talking to a friend about this will make them mad. The idea of a friend being...

two friends sitting at a park bench

Healthy and Unhealthy Friendships

Friendships, like other relationships in our lives, can grow and change all the time. We can often feel incredible pressure to have a BFF or to be part of the popular crowd, but we will all choose ...

How Much Exercise Do You Need to Get Fit?

How Much Exercise Do You Need to Get Fit?

Increased fitness comes with increased movement and intensity. For some people, that can mean going for short workouts to longer ones; for others, it means going from none to some. Here are some fu...

Why Does Everyone Always Tell Me to Get Exercise?

Why Does Everyone Always Tell Me to Get Exercise?

Who here goes bananas when the adults in her life tell her to go out and get some exercise?  If you’re not on the path to becoming a marathon runner or professional athletes, what does that even me...

How Can a Non-Sporty Person Get Exercise?

How Can a Non-Sporty Person Get Exercise?

First of all, let’s refer to it as physical activity or moving our bodies instead of exercise. Exercise sounds like work: no fun and boring. Some less-than-traditional exercise ideas are here - jus...

woman sitting on a desk chair with her hands on her head with a worried expression

Perfectionism and Making Mistakes

So many of us feel pressure to be perfect. Sometimes it comes from adults in our lives, sometimes it comes from inside ourselves, and sometimes it comes from comparing ourselves to our friends. Per...

woman looking at her phone and typing on it with 2 hands

Healthy Phone Habits

We know, we know. Every person over the age of 35 is busy telling us to get off our phones! They say that we spend too much time on our phones, that we’re rotting our brains, and that our phones ma...

woman wearing a yellow jacket walking on a sidewalk looking down at her phone.

Social Media: Comparing Our Insides to Other People's Outsides

Comparing ourselves to our friends or to people we see on social media can sometimes make us feel badly. We worry that everyone else is prettier, thinner, or smarter than we are. We believe that th...

Empowering Social Media and Chat Habits

Empowering Social Media and Chat Habits

Social media can be draining if you don't set a few simple boundaries for yourself. Click here to see a listicle of healthy social media habits!

woman with a sleeping mat pulled up onto her forehead

Here's a Great Self-Care Checklist if You're Not Feeling so Great

We want to make ourselves feel better, but sometimes the idea of that seems overwhelming, especially when we aren’t in the best mood already. What are some ways for us to take care of ourselves emo...

Destressing Strategy: Journaling

Destressing Strategy: Journaling

Journaling is known to help with relieving stress for many different reasons.

Destressing Strategy: Good Quality Sleep

Destressing Strategy: Good Quality Sleep

Almost everyone needs more sleep than they realize… and than they get! For tweens and teens , most need between 8 - 10 hours per night. Why?

Destressing Strategy: Healthy Eating

Destressing Strategy: Healthy Eating

Whether we’re eating at a restaurant, at home, at a friends house, or while traveling, it is important to keep in mind healthy eating habits that will keep us feeling happy and well. Here are some ...

Woman meditating on a yoga mat with dog next to her

Destressing Strategy: Meditation

There’s no “right way” to meditate. But however you do it, meditation can help calm you down, during and after. There are so many different ways that we can practice meditation.

girl hunched over laptop, appearing stressed

What's the Difference Between Stress and Anxiety?

We hear the words stress and anxiety all the time in our lives: blasted on social and traditional media, and uttered by our friends and our families, too. Click here to find out why there aren't t...

boy sitting on couch hiding under pillows

What Is Sadness?

Most people describe sadness as feeling empty. We have all lived it - it’s so common, in fact, that it can be hard to describe in words. But the let down that is often paired with a punch-in-the-gu...

Gray kitten sitting in a woven basket, looking sad

What Is Depression?

With depression, feelings of lingering sadness or emptiness are compounded by physical symptoms. This can go in a downward direction - like low energy, low appetite, or low motivation - or depressi...

split screen image with yellow on top and brown on the bottom with a person figure sitting in the middle

Am I Sad or Depressed? What's the Difference?

Sadness is a reaction to a particular circumstance or experience that causes pain or upset. Depression is a deeper, longer-lasting form of sadness.

girl sitting in a chair at a wooden desk with a book opened on her face and leaning her head back

Coping With Stress and Anxiety

There are lots of coping strategies for stress and anxiety. That said, it can be very hard to remember these in the heat of a stressful moment. Keep reading this article to find great ways to redir...

woman rolling up a blue yoga mat on a wooden floor with 2 weights and a water bottle next to her

Destressing Strategy: Physical Activity

Anything that moves the body can help with stress and anxiety. Sports, workouts, walks, yoga, dance-a-thons, running games, jumping rope… the list goes on and on.

girl swinging from rope swing with a dark blue sky background

Who Are Trusted Adults?

When we experience difficult feelings - anger, fear, stress, worry, loneliness, sadness, and so on - it really helps to have trusted adults to speak to. Those trusted adults have the life experienc...

Hormones and Moods: Do Raging Hormones Make You Moody?

Hormones and Moods: Do Raging Hormones Make You Moody?

Have you ever heard the adults in your life say that you have “raging hormones” right now - beyond annoying, what does that even mean?

pink scrabble blocks used to spell out "hormones"

Hormones: What Are They and What Is Their Impact?

Hormones are natural chemicals produced by the small glands scattered around your body, but they travel to other organs to do their job.