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The Struggle is Real: An Update on Current Mental Health Trends

The Struggle is Real: An Update on Current Mental Health Trends

Recent data paints the picture that teens are struggling with mental health at increasing rates. Keep reading to understand what's going on and for some tools that might help!

Sleep: Not for the Weak

Sleep: Not for the Weak

We've all heard the saying, "sleep is for the weak." Keep reading to learn why this couldn't be further from the truth.

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Perfectionism and Making Mistakes

So many of us feel pressure to be perfect. We are here to remind you that perfection is literally impossible. Keep reading for tips on being your best self while still leaving room for imperfections. 

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Healthy Phone Habits

Tips and strategies for enjoying phones without letting them impact your emotional or physical health.   

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Social Media: Comparing Our Insides to Other People's Outsides

Comparing ourselves to people we see on social media can sometimes make us feel badly. Read here for the effects of social media on our mental health and for tips on not comparing yourself to others. 

Empowering Social Media and Chat Habits

Empowering Social Media and Chat Habits

Social media can be draining if you don't set a few simple boundaries for yourself. Click here to see a list of healthy social media habits!

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Here's a Great Self-Care Checklist if You're Not Feeling so Great

We want to make ourselves feel better, but sometimes the idea of that seems overwhelming, especially when we aren’t in the best mood already. This article provides a list for an easy self-check in.  

Destressing Strategy: Journaling

Destressing Strategy: Journaling

Journaling is known to help with relieving stress for many different reasons.

Destressing Strategy: Good Quality Sleep

Destressing Strategy: Good Quality Sleep

Sleep is SO important, especially when it comes to destressing. This article answers why and provides some tips for getting good quality sleep.

Destressing Strategy: Healthy Eating

Destressing Strategy: Healthy Eating

Healthy eating habits will keep us feeling happy and well. Here are some facts about healthy eating that might surprise you:

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Destressing Strategy: Meditation

Meditation can help calm you down, during and after. Keep reading to learn about the various ways you can meditate! 

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What's the Difference Between Stress and Anxiety?

We hear the words stress and anxiety all the time in our lives: blasted on the media, and uttered by our friends and our families, too. Click here to find out why there aren't the same thing.

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What Is Sadness?

Everyone feels sad sometimes, and that’s completely normal! This article defines sadness and provides tips for when you're feeling low.

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What Is Depression?

A guide to the common signs of depression and what to do if you are grappling with it.

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Am I Sad or Depressed? What's the Difference?

What's the difference between sadness and depression? This article defines each and distinguishes between the two terms.

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Coping With Stress and Anxiety

There are coping strategies for stress and anxiety, but it can be hard to remember them in the heat of a stressful moment. Read here for ways to redirect some of your stress or anxiety. 

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Destressing Strategy: Physical Activity

Anything that moves the body can help with stress and anxiety. Keep reading to learn why!

Hormones and Moods: Do Raging Hormones Make You Moody?

Hormones and Moods: Do Raging Hormones Make You Moody?

Have you ever heard the adults in your life say that you have “raging hormones” right now - beyond annoying, what does that even mean? We answer that in this article!

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Hormones: What Are They and What Is Their Impact?

What are hormones? What do they do? Here's a guide for a basic understanding of what hormones are, where they are produced, what different types exist, and how they impact our bodies.