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Breast Bud Pain

Breast buds are the small, firm bumps that appear under the nipples when boobs first start to grow. They are usually about the size and shape of a stack of 4 or 5 dimes. At first, this growth might only appear on one side. Don’t freak out! This is totally normal. In fact, breast buds often form on one side before the other. 

Breast buds might also be sore, sensitive, ache, or itch. They can feel especially tender when something pushes up against them: someone’s backpack, an elbow, or certain pieces of clothing. This change in sensation happens because the nerves in the area are stretching, which really just means you are growing.

It can be annoying or even feel a little weird to have a new part of your body growing. If you feel uncomfortable or are experiencing breast bud pain, try wearing loose fitting clothing or applying a soothing warm compress on the area. You might also consider trying on a bra, like our OOMbra or a training bra. You can ask a trusted adult like a parent or your doctor for advice. 

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girl smiling and holding two plush knit boobs in front of her
girl smiling and holding two plush knit boobs in front of her

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