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How to Ask for a Bra!

Awkward moment: when you want to ask for a bra but you don’t know how.

For some girls, the weirdness comes from the fact that they don’t have boobs yet. But, maybe the skin in that area is starting to get sensitive, or maybe the very earliest breast buds are starting to grow, or maybe there’s nothing happening but everyone else is wearing something underneath their shirt and it feels like the thing to do. For other girls, the conversation is awkward precisely because they’ve got boobs – maybe they’ve even had them for a while - and no one has said anything about the situation.

Whether you’re flat or not, asking for a bra for the first time does not have to be scary or intimidating. You can…
- Be upfront and just ask for a bra out right - share a website that you found with cute garments or suggest a trip to the store.
- Be inquiring by asking a parent or older sibling if they think it’s time to start wearing one - this opens the door to talking about when is the “right time” to start wearing a bra.
- Be persistent: if you ask for a bra and are told you don’t need one, you can always ask again.
- Be patient: If you don’t have any breast buds or boobs yet, or if you’re just not into wearing a bra quite yet, you can definitely wait a while.
- Be smart: If you’re wondering about buying a bra and you’re asking someone who wears one, then you can also remind yourself that years ago, that same person had to ask for her first bra - knowing this makes many people feel a whole lot less alone in the situation.

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