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Bra Sizing and Fit

Bra Sizing and Fit

If you choose to wear a bra, it’s important to find one that fits you correctly to avoid pain and discomfort. But, bra sizing can be a little confusing! Here’s a breakdown on traditional bra sizing...

How to Handle Your Boob Size

How to Handle Your Boob Size

Just like height or eye color, boob size is pre-programed by our DNA, the genetic code that writes the blueprint for how our bodies are built.

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Breast Bud Pain

Breast buds can feel sore or tender. They can also feel like nothing at all, to the point where you forget they exist… that is, until someone or something bumps into them and then OOF! 

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Boobs: All Shapes and Sizes

Boobs come in all different shapes and sizes - sometimes, they’re even different from one another! We’re here to tell you why.

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Hormones: What Are They and What Is Their Impact?

Hormones are natural chemicals produced by the small glands scattered around your body, but they travel to other organs to do their job.

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Quiz Yourself: Boob Basics

Because understanding your body can be as quick and fun as a true or false quiz!