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Male Physique

male in a white tank top flexing his bicep


When I am scrolling through Instagram or Tik Tok, men with fantastic physiques show up on my feed and “for you” page. While images and videos of men who are in great shape can be motivating, they can be demoralizing. As a teenager who eats large amounts of food when I am stressed, it only made me want to eat more. 

While in school or at a social event, I would always hear girls talking about how certain accounts were glamorous on social media because of how these bodies were “goals.” I would look at some of their pages and realize: many of these girls had unattainable physiques and were very enhanced through plastic surgery and photoshop. As I did more research about these men, I realized that many of them were “not natty,” a term used to describe a man who uses PEDs or SARMS which are performance-enhancing drugs that make men gain unhealthy amounts of pure muscle to their frame.

One of the major issues with boys and girls is the double standard when it comes to talking about boys' and girls' bodies. Girls can comment on boys' bodies and boys rightfully cannot make remarks about girls' appearance. A lot of the time women and girls do not think that men care about their bodies, but they actually care immensely. Lastly, men and women both suffer from eating disorders and it is important to understand it is not manly to address it as a problem and men can feel objectified as well as women.

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