Facing Facts About Facial Cleansing

Facing Facts About Facial Cleansing
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The skin on your face is more sensitive than the skin on other areas and it’s exposed to a whole lot more all day, every day, so it requires a special level of care. The following skin routine works for almost everyone. That said, almost everyone will go through a moment (okay, sometimes it lasts much longer than a moment!) of breakouts and skin frustrations. If this routine stops working for you, consult with a skincare professional or a doctor.


  • Every morning, wash with a gentle soap or cleanser - make sure it’s got minimal additives, no colors, and no perfumes. After you rinse and pat dry, apply a moisturizer with sunscreen (huge side note here: if you want fewer wrinkles later on, start the sunscreen now! It makes a BIG difference!!)

  • Every evening, wash with the same gentle soap or cleanser, rinse and pat dry. Then apply a moisturizer without SPF. By moisturizing the skin, you are telling the oil glands below that they can chill out and don’t need to produce so much oil - this is why moisturizing can actually make the skin less greasy.

  • If you are using a toner, astringent, acne cream, or any other product recommended by a skincare specialist, put those on before the moisturizer. Allow a minute or two for absorption between each step.

  • DON’T PICK! Popping zits makes them look better for a moment, but then the area will get red, inflamed, it can even bleed or become infected. You don’t want a temporary zit to become a permanent scar, so keep your hands off your face as much as possible. 

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