TikTok Education

One of the most fascinating revolutions of the last two years has been TikTok’s rapid rise to the forefront of American teen culture. While there are influencers that rose to prominence on the app such as Addison Rae or the D’amelio sisters, the aspect of TikTok that fascinates me most is the way people make TikToks about how they are feeling and the community that responds.

When I would have a bad day at school or socially, I would scroll through my for you page and coincidentally would see TikToks relating to my issue. It could even be as easy as searching for a hashtag related to how I was feeling! While social media can promote many bad habits for people, I love how many men become extremely vulnerable on the app and the new ways that TikTok has allowed people to connect during difficult moments. Many men decide to come to the app and post about their insecurities or their emotional pain, which feels reassuring and comforting because these posts show me that other men are going through similar things to me and reminds me that I am not alone. 

Even more, I also find TikTok educational because girls also post very vulnerable content. For example, I learned about what girls value after scrolling through my for you page endlessly. While girls often get criticized for posting about their sexual fetishes and are told it is a “TMI,” I have learned how people often want to have their most difficult conversations with strangers because their judgments do not carry as much value compared to the people they know. 

Overall, Tik Tok creates an environment where people can voice their opinions and feelings freely, and I enjoy learning about stranger’s lives through the intimacy of the app. While TikTok runs because of the big creators who do the popular dances, I enjoy the raw, unfiltered parts of people’s lives that are usually not on social media, and how TikTok has helped take away the idea that we can only show our most perfect and idealized selves on social media. Most importantly, the app has encouraged men to communicate how they are feeling, which has been invaluable to me.

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