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Unibrows and Mustaches: They’re Not Just for Guys

We all know what it is, but let’s get it on the screen: a unibrow happens when hairs grow in between the two eyebrows and make it look like one giant one. A mustache results from growth of hairs on the upper lip, usually made up of wispy, thin hairs rather than the thick dark ones that grow in on a guy’s face. Neither of these is a bad thing - they are both totally normal! But some people aren’t into having them adorn their face, and that’s fine too.

Just like hair elsewhere on the body, mustaches and unibrow hair can be removed. But given the location and the type of hair that grows in these spots, some tips:

For TEMPORARY removal, shaving is not a great option in either place. Sure, guys do it to their mustache (and beards), but when a hair is shaved, it is cut bluntly across the shaft, and when it grows back this can make it look more visible (because you are seeing the cross-section of the hair, not the tapered end). Tweezing works well for the brow line, but not so much the upper lip because lip skin can be super sensitive, making tweezing more painful in this area. Instead, you may want to opt for waxing, depilatory, or depending upon the color of your skin, bleaching. These can be done at home, though waxing is also offered in most salons. It’s worth noting that with both tweezing and waxing, the sensitive skin on the face is slightly more likely to become inflamed, which increases the risk of redness, bumps, or future ingrown hairs. 

For PERMANENT removal, laser and electrolysis tend to work well. It’s always best to get help from a professional here, and since these are permanent decisions, it may be very wise to check with a parent before doing it. Sensitive skin on the upper lip and between the brows can also mean a teeny bit more pain with these procedures.

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