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What they're saying about us

"how shocking is it that a stage of life that 100 percent of people will go through is approached in this way?"

"the brainchild of Cara Natterson, MD and Vanessa Kroll, OOMLA seeks to make puberty comfy with their line of inclusive underwear for tweens"

"best bralettes on the market"

"if puberty was a marathon, late bloomers would find themselves hanging out near mile 26"

"the moment a parent notices their 9 year-old daughter's newly 3D chest, WHY doesn't necessarily matter as much as HOW we react"

"luckily, today’s best training bras are soft, moveable, easy to slip on, and actually cute"

"the only pediatrician-designed bra on the market, specifically created... to make the transformation from child to adult more comfortable on all fronts – physically, emotionally, and socially"

"we loved the simple print and neutral colors"

"the conversation with a health care provider often helps kick open a door"

"puberty is awkward... and when we become parents, talking about it with our kids doesn’t magically become easy and comfortable"

"there’s no secret sauce to parenting that parents need to know that kids shouldn’t be let in on"

"I would recommend The PUBERTY PODCAST... it’s a great listen that is both informative and funny"

"they are made with great quality fabric with neat patterns... plus, they are reversible with [nude] color on the other side, so there are no issues with wearing lighter tee shirts"