Do Antiperspirants Cause Cancer?

There is a ton of debate on this subject, but the science seems pretty clear: NO, antiperspirant does not cause cancer. The concern is often tethered to the inclusion of aluminum as an ingredient, but there’s no proven link between that - or any other ingredient in antiperspirant - and breast cancer. 

Aluminum is the most common ingredient that makes an antiperspirant do its job: be anti-sweat. Aluminum salts block the sweat from your pores, reducing sweating (and consequently, minimizing body odor). Deodorants on the other hand are just anti-odor, and don't do anything to decrease sweat. 

Even if these aluminum salts are absorbed into the body, they don't cause cancer in the breast tissue. Same goes for fungi-combatting chemicals like parabens - the exposure level is too low to cause any harm to a person's health. 

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