All About Those Bumps

Have you ever noticed tiny, prickly bumps on the back of your arms? Or maybe you have them on your cheeks, your thighs, or even your butt. They look the same color as the rest of your skin - well, most of the time - but they can feel like sandpaper.

They’re called keratosis pilaris (translation: bumpy skin) and they are completely normal. They form when your body produces too much keratin, a protein that helps form your hair, skin, and nails. The excess keratin blocks the opening of your hair follicles, which is where the bump forms. It’s not the same thing as a pimple, but might look a little red like one or just like goosebumps. It’s also not anything contagious, so even if it looks like a rash it’s nothing more than a harmless clogged pore!

To make keratosis pilaris go away, try these steps: whenever you bathe or shower, gently (gently!) wash them with a soapy towel or loofah - the friction can exfoliate the skin and unclog the pore below. And after bathing, moisturize well. Finally, do your very best to NOT PICK at them! If these steps don’t work, contact your doctor or a dermatologist (skin doctor) for help. They might be able to prescribe you a specific skin care product. 

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