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Is It Normal?: Boob Hair Edition

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THE PUBERTY PORTAL: I know a little more about body changes

Having hair on your boobs is totally normal… and rarely talked about. We’re here to help start the conversation. The best place to begin is understanding that different parts of the breast have different types of hair. Let’s break it down:

The nipples - which are right smack in the middle and can alternate between soft and flat or hard and shriveled - rarely have hair.

The red or dark brown circle around each nipple and remains flat - called the areola - can have spots that look like tiny pimples or even dark hairs that look like the ones that grow in armpits. Even though not everyone has it, hair on the areola is totally normal... and it’s also removable. Whether or not you choose to get rid of your body hair is totally up to you, but if you do choose to remove this hair, make sure you let a trusted adult know. You can trim it (carefully!) with a pair of small scissors or you can pluck it with a tweezer. But never, ever shave this hair because the skin of the areola is so sensitive, you don't want to risk even a small cut from a razor.

The rest of the skin on your boobs - the skin that matches the tone everywhere else on your body and covers the biggest part of your boob - can also have hair, but this hair is usually so fine you’ve never even noticed it before. It’s best to leave this hair be since breast skin can be quite sensitive.

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