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2 PACK! Straight straps DAY + NIGHT SKY Tan
2 PACK! Straight straps DAY + NIGHT SKY Tan
2 PACK! Straight straps DAY + NIGHT SKY Tan
2 PACK! Straight straps DAY + NIGHT SKY Tan
2 PACK! Straight straps DAY + NIGHT SKY Tan
2 PACK! Straight straps DAY + NIGHT SKY Tan

    2 PACK! Straight straps DAY + NIGHT SKY Tan

    $55.00 $60.00

    One bra has the Sky print, a white background sprinkled with light blue stars and dark blue shooting stars. The other has the Night sky print, where white planets and golden yellow shooting stars streak across a navy backdrop. Both bras flip to a Tan nude side - our second lightest tone with a slightly olive skew.

    Straight back straps come up and over the shoulders and travel straight down the back, so soft and gently supportive you'll barely know they're there.

    All OOMBRAs are super soft and completely reversible, made from a patented design that hugs without binding. Our jersey fabrics won’t trap smells or irritate skin like synthetics used in athletic wear. 

    OOMBRAs never have hardware – no clips, clasps, strap adjusters or wires - so there’s nothing digging into your skin or underboob! 

    Our sizing is unique! OOMBRAs use a simple single-measure system to fit a wide variety of body shapes - YES, our bras work for flat chests and curvy ones, too. To find your size, use a soft tape measure, wrapping it around the biggest part of your bust, including your nipples. Don't pull tight! The number of inches around is your OOMBRA size. If you're on the cusp between 2 sizes, we definitely recommend going BIGGER.

    And for lots more sizing info, check out our sizing page.

      The OOMBRA is designed to be worn on either side. Yes, it’s totally reversible! The same super soft jersey is used for the nude and print fabrics, while a middle panel does the work of hugging the boobs without lots of pressure against the chest. The OOMBRA represents a design collaboration between a pediatrician who knows what’s good for growing and changing boobs and a lingerie designer who knows how to make garments functional.
      At OOMLA, we simplified bra sizing. We had to because we made a garment designed to fit a wide range of body shapes, sizes and ages. We couldn't possibly use the typical sizing system of number + letter for young girls with barely-there boobs when it often doesn't even work for women with been-there-awhile boobs.

      Our measuring system is really simple: your OOMBRA size is the number of inches around your chest measured at the biggest part of your boobs. Use a soft measuring tape and wrap it around your chest, including your nipples. Or use something else, like a phone cord charger or a belt - just wrap, then lay it flat and count the inches using a flat ruler. Make sure whatever you choose to measure with has no elasticity because a measuring device that stretches will result in sizing that's too small. Each OOMBRA size covers a 2" span (except our smallest OOMBRA, which covers a 4" range). If you are right on the cusp between sizes - let’s say you measure 30" exactly - then go BIGGER! Trust us here.

      ONE BIG SIDE NOTE ABOUT OUR SIZING: Did you know that in traditional bra sizing, the number represents your ribcage size (it's actually called your underbust) and each consecutive letter represents an extra inch of circumference created by the presence of boobs (your overbust)? That means that if your boobs are bigger than a B cup in traditional bra sizing, then the difference between your chest circumference and your ribcage circumference is greater than 2". We have designed our bigger sized OOBRAs to accommodate for bigger boobs. Meanwhile, some younger girls actually have bigger ribcage measurements than chest measurements. If you need more sizing info or tips about how to measure, check out our sizing page.
      FABRIC: To create the most comfortable bra possible we picked out the softest fabric to go next to your skin. It’s made out of 46% cotton, 45% Modal, and 9% spandex for a perfect fit. Then, we added an inner layer of a special knit 100% poly to give our bra the coverage you want. What is Modal you ask? It’s a fiber that makes fabric buttery-soft and cool to the touch, so cozy. It regulates moisture for comfort, which helps inhibit bacterial growth and stink. Modal is made out of beechwood trees so it is 100% biodegradable.

      CARE: We recommend hand washing your OOMBRA in warm water and laying it flat to dry. But you can absolutely throw it in the washing machine and tumble dry low, too.
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      We are happy to accept unworn and unwashed OOMBRAs within 14 days of receipt. If you want to return an OOMBRA, begin by going to our ONLINE RETURN CENTER and then mail it back to us at:
      3421 Verdugo Road, #7
      Los Angeles, CA 90065
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      For every OOMASK you purchase, you automatically cover the cost of another OOMASK for a young person in need.
      Thanks again! :)

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