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Flipping puberty positive

PUBERTY HAPPENS TO 100% OF ALL HUMANS as they transform from child to adult. And it's almost universally cringey, triggering gut flips, eye rolls, and intense flashbacks. And these days it lasts longer than ever, stretching over nearly a decade.

We don't think puberty's smells or messiness or discomfort should be the whole story. In fact, quite the opposite: most of what happens during puberty's physical and emotional transformations are actually thrilling and incredibly cool.  This stage of life just needs a little help rebranding, so that’s where we come in: we’re on a mission to flip puberty positive. Because at the very least, these shared experiences make for the best shared laughs.

Cara is a pediatrician-turned-writer, the doctor behind the culty and beloved series The Care and Keeping of You. She was busy writing and teaching about this stage of life, but it wasn't until her own kids went through puberty that she realized they needed more. They needed stuff.

OOMLA solves the pain points of puberty... and beyond. Everything we do is designed to make body changes comfy. We started with an OOMBRA, upending the stale training bra market by being super soft, legitimately cute, and above all functional - the only one out there that could cover awkward growing boobs without bulky padding or sports bra suffocation. Next came breathable OOMSHORTS for all genders (because all genders go through puberty!) made from the same buttery cotton but designed to allow air down there after a long day in underpants. And then, for the trifecta, we developed OOMSOCKS that don't smell. A complete freaking miracle that you can only believe when you (don't) smell. 

It turns out, information is as important as product when it comes to feeling good about a transforming body. And so Cara partnered with Vanessa, founder of the New York City sports empowerment program Dynamo Girl. Years earlier, Vanessa noticed that many - maybe even most - of the 6-10 year olds in her program were in puberty, so she added puberty workshops that suddenly became wildly popular… and not just because Vanessa was unafraid to wear pink underpants over her jeans in an effort to make kids comfy with the content.

Which explains why OOMLA is as dedicated to its content as it is to product. The PUBERTY PORTALis the only online searchable puberty content written by and for tweens and teens. The PUBERTY PODCAST combines science and guidance, humor and honesty for adults who need help understanding kids living this stage of life. Our social media channels educate while making people laugh out loud: @SpillingThePuberTea, @my.oomla, @ThePubertyPodcast 

It's all a long way of saying that so much of what makes puberty uncomfortable - for kids and the adults in their lives, too - is that for the endless stream of questions popping up, trusted answers are ridiculously hard to find. That’s precisely what we’re here for.