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We’re kind to all bodies, kind to each other, kind to our earth



From day one, OOMLA has been mission driven. We opened for business in the early days of the COVID pandemic not with bras, but with a super soft, filtered face covering designed to keep people safe. Then we partnered with organizations around the country for a 1:1 give away, donating thousands of OOMASKs through organizations like Eat. Learn. Play., Covenant House, No Kid Hungry, Alexandria HouseThis Is About Humanity, and Supplies Save Lives.

While our production and distribution is based in the US, health and wellness needs stretch to every corner of the globe. So in September 2021, OOMBRA collaborated with African nonprofit mothers2mothers, celebrating the power of female health workers to break barriers and forge a new, empowered path for future generations. The She’s Got The Power OOMBRA (available in both straight straps and cross straps) supports m2m’s work with adolescent girls and young women, providing education and support around health rights and choices.

The Shes Got The Power OOMBRA supports m2ms work with adolescent girls and young women providing education and support around health rights and choices



While this company was built by adults who work in youth health and wellness, we are fueled by the teens and 20-somethings eager to shower wisdom upon those just a few years behind them. Our roster of OOMbassadors keeps on growing and we feel so lucky! If you are an artist, writer, or thinker who wants to contribute to our PUBERTY PORTAL, we want to hear from you. Write us at

puberty portal

OOMade in LA


Our apparel is local! LA-based Swrve develops, samples, and produces new products in small runs. Their obsession with how garments are made is matched by their dedication to the health and wellbeing of their employees. GPI/Topwin Corporation, a full service garment manufacturer located in the South Bay of Los Angeles, specializes in knits. Topwin took top notch care of their employees throughout the pandemic.

LA-based Swrve develops, samples, and produces new products in small runs