We make things that are good for our bodies, while being good to our earth at the same time. 


Right now, we need to cover each other, literally. That's why we’re giving away OOMASKs. For every OOMASK purchased, one will be given to a kid, tween, or teen in need. One for one. It’s that simple. 

Wearing a mask is the one thing every single one of us can do to help protect others from the spread of coronavirus. When we cover our noses and mouths, we protect the people we love and complete strangers, too. But many people lack the resources or the access to get a mask. Which is why OOMLA has partnered with a handful of organizations who will distribute OOMASKs to kids who need them. Check out our partners. We know you will love them as much as we do.

OOMASKs for Schools

OOMLA provides masks for both students and teachers to stay safe and protect others while at school. For school pricing, please email us directly: hello@myoomla.com.


OOMade in LA

Swrve runs a production space for developing new products, sampling, and small production runs. Because they obsess about how garments are made, they’ve invested in some pretty specialized machines like a flatlock, a Union Special 3-needle chain stitch, and a key hole button hole. swrve is equally focused on the health and wellbeing of their employees, so during pandemic all employees wear masks, stay at least 6’ apart, and work in a space with plenty of ventilation. 

GPI/Topwin Corporation is a full service garment manufacturer located in the South Bay of Los Angeles, California and specializing in knits. Since reopening post-COVID shutdown, GPI has brought sewing operators back to work safely and carefully by maintaining social distance, using masks + shields for personal protection, and checking temperatures regularly throughout the day.