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OOMLA’s mission is to make puberty more comfortable, literally. This can be achieved in a bunch of different ways – sometimes the solution is palpable, like our super soft OOMBRA designed to keep you and your boobs comfy all day. Other times, it’s knowledge that transforms an awkward or even panicky moment into a calmer one. Good facts can be hard to find, though. There’s not much easily-accessible information about growing and changing bodies written for the people who are doing the growing and changing. Which is precisely why we created the Puberty Portal.

Our content is written and fact-checked by people with serious cred. OOMLA co-founder Cara Natterson, MD is a pediatrician and author of a bunch of puberty books including The Care and Keeping of You series. Cara has spent her whole professional life taking care of, listening to, teaching, and writing for tweens, teens, and their parents. There isn’t a piece of medical information on this site that doesn’t get the thumbs up from Dr. Cara. Vanessa Kroll Bennett founded Dynamo Girl, which builds self-esteem through sports and puberty education. Her writing and teaching cover puberty from both the practical and the emotional perspectives. Plus, she happens to be hilarious.

Cara and Vanessa work with an incredible team of teens and young 20-somethings who have just lived through their own puberty. They know what kids 5- and 10-years younger want to know. Their lived experiences go hand-in-hand with Vanessa and Cara’s expertise. You won’t find another team of human beings who care more or know more about this stage in life… and if we don’t know an answer, we won’t be shy about saying so.

Welcome to the Puberty Portal, your go-to resource for information that’s so trustworthy, relatable, and easy to understand, we gave it a new name: OOMformation.

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