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How to Handle Your Boob Size

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Just like height or eye color, boob size is pre-programed by our DNA, the genetic code that writes the blueprint for how our bodies are built.

But, that doesn’t mean that your boobs will only ever be one size and they will stay that way forever. Some girls develop very quickly, growing boobs that are pretty large for their frame, and then over months or years, their breasts slowly shrink. Others have the opposite experience, starting small but growing steadily over time. And some grow, plateau, and stay pretty much the same for years and years. All are totally normal! But wouldn’t it be nice if the process were predictable?!

a variety of flowers in vases of different shapes, on a white background

Some girls will notice that their bra size goes up when they gain some weight. Others experience enlargement right before they get their periods every month, so much so that some days they need to wear a bigger bra. Other girls don’t experience this fluctuation, and that’s ok too.

How you handle your boob size is up to you - what you wear, how you fit into a bra or a bathing suit top is your choice… just make a note that some pieces of clothing might feel too tight or generate attention you aren’t looking to get. All bodies are beautiful and deserving of love!

Some girls with larger boobs experience back, neck, and/or shoulder pain… if this sounds like you, check out this article from our team.

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